Adding curb appeal is a great way to increase your home value and of course make your property looks beautiful. Campanella Fence has 20 tips to add curb appeal to your home in a clever way, so read on!

  1. Curvy & embellished walkways.

A nice path with curves and beautiful flowers and trees standing on each side, leading the way towards your front door is definitely a great way to win extra curb appeal points.

  1. Symmetrical front yards.

Give a symmetrical treatment to your property’s front. Symmetry will make your front yard look bigger and more polished.

  1. Water features.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive fountain or anything extravagant. Your water feature should be an asset to your property without stealing all the attention from the overall ambience but instead providing a nice focal point along the way.

  1. Chic décor.

A nice decoration is very important when it comes to keep your place looking top notch. Make sure your decor style and the pieces you’re using match the style of your home and always keep in mind that less is more to ensure the place will look polished and elegant.

  1. Statement front doors.

Bright colored or embellished, a daring front door adds a nice accent ad personality to your property, as it gives an inviting vibe to your guests.

  1. Circular driveways.

A traditional feeling paired with doorside parking and an easy way in and out of your property are the reasons why this kind of driveway is perfect when it comes to add curb appeal.

  1. Bold colors.

Whether they are on the trims of windows and doors, on your front door in your flowers of choice, a bright hue is a nice way to provide your home with personality.

  1. Breathtaking gardens.

A well designed and properly maintained garden is the perfect way to add curb appeal by making your front yard a breathtaking oasis that is alluring and inviting adding all the curb appeal you need to power up the market value of your property.

  1. Front patios.

A patio is an outdoor paved area adjoining your home, and it can be a great asset to your front yard. Just make it inviting and a place to relax outdoors with a few chairs, nice lighting and maybe even a pergola from a reliable Cortland fence company.

  1. Grand entrances.

Wide and imposing entrances with embellished gates and/or columns can transform the entire look of your property giving it a classy elegant look.

  1. Flower-packed front porches.

Have you ever heard of the hanging gardens of Babylon? If you haven’t I’ll just point out that they were dimmed one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world and you can bring a little bit of that to your property by hanging luscious flowers and plants from your front porch and packing it up with more of them wherever you have enough space.

  1. Landscaped edges.

Maybe you prefer a clean and simple front lawn where your pets and children can run free and play or where you can place your yoga matt for your daily exercise routine, that’s great but in order to add some curb appeal to your place you might want to landscape the border that separates the sidewalks and your walkway from your front yard. A few wisely picked flowers and plants should do the trick.

  1. Friendly fences.

A privacy fence is great when you’re aiming for isolating your home from the exterior, but if you don’t find it necessary to lock yourself up from the world, a shorter, friendlier fence from a trustworthy Cortland fence company could be your way to go.

  1. Window boxes.

A box hanging from your window, packed with beautiful flowers and the loveliest green leaves, that’s the perfect way to give your house a quick and natural makeover; making it more inviting and attractive.

  1. Furnished front porches.

Make your front porch a hang out area with comfortable chairs or sofas. Maybe add a coffee table, a rocking chair or a swinging couch so you can enjoy a morning hot cup of coffee breathing some fresh air by your door.

  1. Old-fashioned charm.

A rural and inviting vibe is exactly what you get when you choose traditional décor and finishes for your home exterior, all these vintage and home-like feelings add curb appeal and a sense of attachment and remembrance that touches even the coldest hearts.

  1. Asian vibes.

Turn your front of your house into a Zen garden. The serenity and relaxing feeling of Asian inspired landscapes are simple an inviting yet beautiful and elegant. Plus they look wonderful in modern style houses.

  1. Flower baskets.

Maybe you’re not too fond of excessive vegetation, but a couple flower baskets by your front door or along your front porch, can work wonders when it comes to updating your property’s looks and add more curb appeal.

  1. White accents.

Crisp white window trims, columns, front doors or even a white pergola can make any house look very polished an elegant with just a well-finished paint job.

  1. Lovely garage doors.

Your garage door deserves attention just like the rest of your home exteriors. Make sure it is well painted and maintained in order to keep it in top notch condition.

Any of these tips is a guaranteed formula for extra curb appeal points, so pick your favorites and get to work in order to make your house look superb. Or you can also contact us at  Campanella Fence, a professional fence company with all the tools and experience to install, repair or give maintenance to any fence, immediately increasing your home’s curb appeal.