Fences serve a variety of purposes, depending on the context. They protect us from intruders. They keep our pets from running away. They can make property look decorative and inviting or grim and off-putting. With regards to the decorative and practical factors of installing a fence, one of the more challenging factors that can go horribly wrong, is on inclined terrain.

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of a person and you want to build a fence on a hill, tread lightly and take your time. If you’d rather have a professional to take care of it, the top fence company in the area is Campanella Fence. But let us not digress any further. Here’s a quick guide on how to avoid any amateur mistakes.

Before you do anything, have a good long look at the hill and figure out exactly where the fence is going to be built. That is, precisely where will it begin and end. Are there any holes or ditches in between the space where you want to build? Trees? Other hindrances?

Make a straight line from top to bottom with a rope or tape measure. Keeping the fence straight is a crucial detail both for practical and aesthetic reasons. This also will give you a better visual of how to go about building. Then place 2×2 stakes at both ends of the line you’ve just established with your string.

Now go along the line with a 4′ level, marking where you will be placing your posts with chalk. Try to keep the distribution of space between posts as even as possible by measuring with a tape measure.

Once you’ve established the location of where the fence begins and ends, and where the line posts will be placed, you are ready to start the manual labor. Dig up holes where the posts are going to go. Install the posts and trim them to be of uniform height. This is a step where you cannot cut corners. Be sure you dig deep and that your posts are not slanted in any way. If they seem like they’re not completely straight, it will be worth your while to dig it back up and start anew, as you will be costing yourself the durability of the fence in the long run.

Once the posts are up, all you have to do is connect them. Add the guard rails, step back, and enjoy a lemonade as you observe a finely constructed contoured fence, whether it’s for your yard, your farm, your business, or other.

Bear in mind, that this is only a very simplified guide, and that realistically, fence installation involves a certain knowledge of the craft that can only be gained through experience. If you don’t have the time or willpower to make a few mistakes, you always have Campanella Fence,  to take care of it all for you for the right price. Got a fence question? Contact Us at 845-628-2200.