Thinking of installing a new fence in the Mahopac area, but not sure what material to use? There is a wide variety of materials to choose from, so it is good to know your options. When comparing fence materials, you must take into consideration your budget, functionality, durability, style preferences, and how much maintenance it will require. The following pros and cons of different fencing materials available to Mahopac property owners will help you make an informed decision on what fencing material to install.

Comparing Fence Materials for NY

At Campanella Fence, we install four primary types of fencing for properties all around the Mahopac, NY area. Each type has its own benefits and disadvantages, and the right choice for you is dependent on your main purpose for installing a fence. What do you need? Let’s take a look.

Vinyl Fencing for Mahopac, NY Residents

Vinyl Fence Pros

Vinyl fencing has become a highly popular choice among homeowners all across the Mahopac region. Vinyl fencing offers long durability, a wide variety of decorative styles, colors, and realistic wood grains and finishes. It requires very little maintenance, does not require repainting, and does not warp, rot or blister. Also, vinyl fencing easily adapts to any architectural style you may find in New York.

Vinyl Fence Cons

Although vinyl fencing is extremely durable, some sub-grade products can break with high winds or from a high impact if hit by a golf ball or baseball. It is therefore important to understand the quality of the product you install for your Mahopac area home. Vinyl fencing typically has a higher upfront cost than wood.

Aluminum Fencing in Mahopac, NY

Aluminum Fence Pros

All across Mahopac, NY, you will find aluminum fences installed. It is a strong, durable material that doesn’t rust and is highly affordable. It is very low-maintenance and does not require repainting or re-staining. Aluminum fencing is also very versatile, offering a wide range of colors and styles to complement your home. Providing as much elegance as wrought iron, without the high cost and maintenance, aluminum fencing is a lovely choice.

Aluminum Fence Cons

The only downside to aluminum fencing for Mahopac residents is that it is not always as strong as steel or solid iron. It is also not made in privacy styles, though it can be mixed with other materials to create a look of privacy.

Mahopac, NY Options in Wood Fencing

Wood Fence Pros

Wood fences are a highly attractive style and add curb appeal to your Mahopac, NY home. Incredibly versatile, wood fences can be painted or stained in any color you like and are less expensive than vinyl or composite fencing with initial costs. Wood fencing also gives your home a natural appearance and works great for privacy fences.

Wood Fence Cons

Wood fences in New York require a lot of maintenance, and you will have to paint and stain it every few years in order to keep them looking nice and free from rot and warping. Over time, this high-maintenance option will be costly and time-consuming.

Chain-Link Fencing for New York Properties

Chain Link Fence Pros

New York area chain link fencing is a practical choice for many Mahopac properties with its highly durable, economical, and maintenance-free features.

Chain Link Fence Cons

Chain link fences are not as decorative and aesthetically pleasing in many cases at New York properties, and most styles of chain link do not create privacy. 

Choose a Fence Material Installed from the Best Mahopac Fence Company!

After considering the pros and cons of several types of fencing for Mahopac, it will be easier for you to pick what you need most. Remember to always hire a professional fence company to install your new fence. For over 30 years, Campanella Fence has been providing quality products and excellent solutions to residential and commercial clients in the Westchester, NY 5 county area, and we want to hear from YOU! Reach out to us for all your fence solutions by phone at (845) 628-2200 or connect with us online.