As a homeowner in New York, you most likely do not have a completely level yard, and you’re wondering how it would be possible to install a fence in this situation. Rest assured, one of the top-rated fence companies in Mahopac, NY has the expertise and knowledge to tackle the installation of a fence on an incline with ease. 


In the following article, we will outline the most common installation methods for fences on an incline. By relying on the expertise of Campanella Fence, you can confidently navigate this challenge and achieve a successful fence installation on your hillside property.

What Should I Know About Having a New York Residential Fence Installed on an Incline?

Homeowners often face concerns when installing a fence on their yards with inclines and slopes, fearing the need to flatten their property. Fortunately, there are techniques to install New York residential fences without the necessity of removing dirt or leveling inclines. With the assistance of a top New York fence company, the use of noisy excavators and bulldozers becomes unnecessary, offering a hassle-free installation experience.


As one of the top-rated fence companies in Mahopac, NY we are happy to share various fence styles suitable for sloped or inclined properties in New York. From the timeless elegance of aluminum fences to the versatile customization options of vinyl fences and wood fences or the durability of a chain link fence, there are options available to meet your needs. 


Additionally, we will address the unique installation and maintenance requirements for fences on inclines, including the prevention of soil erosion and the stability of fence posts. By prioritizing routine maintenance and relying on our expert installation, your New York residential fence will not only remain functional but also retain its beauty for years to come.

What are the Installation Methods Used for Installing Fences on Inclines? 

There are two commonly used installation methods for installing fences along inclines: stepping and racking. Depending on your personal preference and the angle of the inclines on your property, one of these techniques may stand out as the best choice for installing your New York residential fence. Reach out to our team of expert fence designers and installers to discover which installation technique is better suited for your yard. 

Racked Fencing in New York

Racked fences have gained widespread popularity as the go-to option for fence installation along inclines. By aligning the bottom and top rails with the sloped ground, our team ensures a fence that seamlessly follows the contour of your yard. As you move down the slope, the individual posts and pickets are positioned slightly lower than the preceding ones, creating a visually appealing look. The alignment of racked fences with the ground achieves a smooth and uniform appearance when installed by an expert fencing contractor in Mahopac, NY like Campanella Fence.


Similar to traditional fences on flat ground, racked fences boast a consistent top and bottom edge formed by the fence rails. These rails conform to the ground, eliminating any significant gaps between the bottom fence rail and the surface. This fence style is particularly well-suited for individuals seeking to enclose their yard for the safety of children or pets. The versatility of racked fences extends to both vinyl and aluminum materials, granting you the freedom to choose the fence style that best matches your preferences.


While racking remains the preferred technique for installing New York residential fences on inclines, it’s important to acknowledge that this approach may not be suitable for all properties, especially those with steeper inclines or slopes. In such cases, the top-rated fence companies in Mahopac, NY offer an alternative solution through the installation of a stepped fence.

Stepped Fencing in New York

Stepped fences serve as an excellent solution for New York property owners seeking to install fences on properties with steeper inclines. As the name implies, stepped fences feature a rail line that resembles a set of steps or stairs. To create this stepped appearance, fence posts are strategically placed at regular intervals along the slope, with each post positioned slightly lower than the one preceding it. The top and bottom fence rails are then installed perpendicular to the posts, resulting in a distinctive stepped design.


While stepped fences are well-suited for yards with steeper slopes, it’s important to note that their design creates a triangular gap between the bottom rail of the fence and the ground. This gap may be large enough to allow pets or very small children to potentially leave the safety of your yard, making this fence style less suitable for those seeking maximum security and containment. However, stepped fences remain a viable option for individuals aiming to achieve privacy around their hilly yard with a New York residential fence. Your expert fencing contractor in Mahopac, NY can help you determine the best solution for your specific needs. 

We’re Here to Guide Your New York Residential Fence Installation

The decision to install a stepped or racked fence on an incline is a personal decision based on your tastes, property, and individual needs. Take a look at our photo gallery for some inspiration and examples of fences on an incline. If you have any questions, our team of experienced and friendly experts is here to help!

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