When you’re considering wood fencing for your Mahopac, NY property, there are a few things to figure out before you can decide. In many cases, a wood fence is a terrific option, but the best way to determine if it’s right for you is to compare your circumstances to what wood fencing is best designed for.


Popular across much of Mahopac, NY, wood fencing can be used for front yards in picket style, back yards in privacy styles, and all types of other places and designs in between. Here are some expert fencing tips that might help you make the best decision for your next fence.

Mahopac Climate Effects and Wood Fences

Wood fences, unlike other forms of fencing, will ultimately deteriorate and need to be replaced. On the other hand, wood fences do fare well in the harsh Mahopac, NY climate. Your wood fence will look wonderful and stay in good shape for many years with only a little upkeep on your part.


When you consider the reduced cost of most wood fences compared to other fencing materials like aluminum and vinyl, wood fences are a great option for most Mahopac, NY residents.

Are Wood Fences Durable?

Wood fences in Mahopac are quite durable when you can say that the contractor you hired followed good practices to have your fence installed properly and with the best materials available. 


  1. Install Wood Fence Posts Correctly
    The fence will not be sturdy if the posts are weak. This is one of the primary reasons why choosing the appropriate fence contractor in Mahopac, NY, such as Campanella Fence, is key! You don’t need to look any further than our customer reviews and talk with our expert fence professionals to see that we have a long history of strong fence installations and happy fence owners. 
  2. Use High-Quality Wood Fencing Material
    Many low-cost fence builders use substandard wood that is less dense or has significant flaws. This cheaper quality of fence wood is frequently available at big box retailers like Lowes and Home Depot but they create wood fences that will not withstand the harsh Mahopac, NY environment and will rot considerably faster. To have durable wood fences for your Mahopac, NY property, be sure your contractor is using high-quality wood fence material.
  3. Secure Fence Boards with Exterior-Grade Fasteners
    In order for a wood fence to be strong, pickets and rails must be securely connected to the fence with exterior-grade fasteners. If you aren’t careful you may come across some Mahopac, NY inexpensive fence businesses trying to save a few dollars by installing cheaper, weaker fasteners that compromise the fence’s integrity and durability.


“Are wood fences strong enough to withstand the Mahopac, NY weather”? The answer depends on a few things. If you chose Campanella Fence as your local fence contractor, the answer is a resounding YES! Otherwise, we couldn’t say.


Mahopac, New York’s Popular Styles of Wood Fences

Fences made of wood may be created and fashioned into almost any pattern or style. The following are some of the most often installed types of wood fence in Mahopac, NY:


Wood Picket Fence
Wood Picket Fence

Wood Picket Fences

Wood picket fences are such a classic style of fencing that you may find them all across properties in the Mahopac, NY area and beyond. This style can be painted or stained any color and is often used for front yards, gardens, and sometimes pool enclosures. Always be sure, when it comes to pool yards, to check with the local pool codes for your area to be sure you install the correct size and specifications to meet requirements. When you’re not sure, our experts can help!


Post and Rail (or Split Rail) Wood Fences
Post and Rail (or Split Rail) Wood Fences

Post and Rail (or Split Rail) Wood Fences

Post and rail fences are a lower cost option in the wood fence designs and, at Campanella Fence, are most often made with locust wood or cedar wood. This style is traditionally known for use in farms for livestock and expansive property lines but can be an excellent choice for making a bold demarcation between properties of all sorts.


Shadowbox (or Board-on-Board) Wood Fences
Shadowbox (or Board-on-Board) Wood Fences

Board-on-Board Wood Fences

This semi-private style of wood fencing installs pickets lined up on both sides of the rails to give the same finished design look on both sides of the fence. Fashioned with northern white and western red cedar, board-on-board wood fence style is one of our personal favorite options for many Mahopac, NY properties. The tops of this wood fence can also be customized into different shapes.


Cedar Tongue & Groove Privacy Wood Fences
Cedar Tongue & Groove Privacy Wood Fences

Cedar Tongue & Groove Privacy Wood Fences

Privacy wood fencing can be made with multiple styles like stockade or solid cedar board, but the most popular style we install in Mahopac, New York, is the cedar tongue & groove privacy wood fence. This style is an attractive design that gives full privacy while looking great on both sides being held by framed panels of tongue-in-groove boards and strong wood fence posts.


Explore Our Wood Fences in Mahopac, NY 

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