If we dial back the clocks to the 1960s, we can appreciate a time when people’s dogs roamed the streets as they pleased. Just so long as you thoroughly trained your dogs, you could let them out at will. They would visit the neighbors. They very rarely would bite kids. There were incidents but no one paid much mind. They’d be chalked up to freak accidents. But over the years, those accidents piled up. And now those days have long since passed, and with good reason at that. Letting a dog roam the streets is hazardous not only for the dogs themselves but also for drivers of cars, bike riders, etc. Not to mention the fact that it’s a whole lot more probable that they get impregnated by another dog if they go unsupervised. Nowadays, domestication plays a much larger role, and as a result, dogs now need an enclosed space for them to let out their energy. That’s where the local Campanella Fence comes into the picture. Here’s everything you need to know on how to select the perfect fence in order to ensure your dogs remain happy, despite not having the privilege of exploring the neighborhood as they please.

Among the most important variables that will influence your fence selection are your circumstances, preferences, and budget. Firstly, let us consider the circumstances. Where are you located? Are you in a particularly urban area? Rural? Depending on your location, design may have more or less of an impact on your selection. For example, if you don’t have too many guests and you’re not so concerned about appearance, a chain link fence is the most affordable choice. However, you should also consider the tameness of your dog. If you do have many passersby and your dog is known to be a bit jumpy, and that pertains to people but more importantly with other dogs. With a chain link fence, the outside will be fully visible to your dog, which means there’s potential to get your dog riled up every time someone comes near your home. To some, that’s enough of a reason to make the extra investment.

A wooden fence is a bit pricier but a whole lot friendlier looking. Not to mention that a well installed wooden fence will block your dog from seeing passersby, which will keep your dog calm and unaroused by the outside world. And aside from the advantages a wooden fence will afford your dog, you too will have some extra privilege, namely in the privacy department. When people live in suburban neighborhoods, sometimes it can be a bit of a pain having neighbors peering into your kitchen at night. A wooden fence will rid you of that stress factor.

Make your dog’s life happier and safer and your life a little less stressful with the Campanella Fence. With a new fence and a yard, everyone wins. You won’t have to walk your dog nearly as often, you’ll have a newfound sense of privacy, and you and your dog will be happier for it. At Campanella Fence, we consider circumstance, preference, budget and more, and we work with each of our clients individually, ensuring that they come out satisfied. Give us a call today at 845-628-2200.