Choosing A Color For Your Fence

In addition to the more practical purposes served by owning a fence, there’s a fair share of aesthetic value as well. That said, your fence, if it was installed by a professional fence contractor, has probably made it through the coldest of winters, rainiest of thunderstorms, and sunniest of scorching hot summer day. And despite all of this, your fence endures! But while your fence still stands strong through thick and thin, its appearance, well, let’s face it, has grown a bit tired over the years. And for all it’s been through, you owe it a makeover. And what’s the best way to bring back that new fence look than with a brand new paint job? Here are some tips on choosing the right hue for your fence to perfectly complement your home.

House colors

Take a nice long look at your house’s exterior. What are the most eye catching and defining colors that you see? The house’s walls, bricks, etc.? Jot down some notes on what colors you see and try to narrow down which are the most definitive and pleasing to the eye and which you think just won’t work. This is a great starting point to do some ruling out before making your selection.

Outdoor furniture

What’s on your porch? Do you have any benches, lawn chairs, or sitting areas in your backyard? In this respect, exterior design is actually strikingly similar to interior design. If you have a certain consistency to your outdoor furniture, painting your fence the same color is a brilliant way to reinforce it.

Decide if you want to go bold or standard

Do you want your fence to stand out our blend with the rest of your garden/yard? Either option has a right and wrong way of being done. But first and foremost, you need to make a definitive decision of which you’d prefer. If you want to stick with the standard, then consider the factors above. If you want to go bold, try a bright blue or green that deviates from the aesthetic of the rest of the yard. Just so long as you recognize that this will be interpreted as a statement of sorts. If will most certainly make for a conversation starter for other design enthusiasts.

That’ll do. Our gift to you. Now take this advice and build yourself an awesome and beautiful brand new fence, which you can have installed by the infinitely reliable fence contractor, Campanella Fence.