Making your outdoors feel your own is an easier task than you might have thought of. The only thing you need is a little creativity, good disposition and maybe some guidance from an expert, like Campanella Fence.

It’s not necessary to spend copious amounts of money in order to provide fine looking decoration for your home exterior. Here are 5 tips to help you decorate your fence in order to make your home outdoors more inviting and unique.


Hanging Gardens.
Your gardening skills don’t have to be limited to planting flowers and bushes across your yard, using your fence to display your favorite plants and flowers is just as nice as in displaying them in any other way. From cactuses to peonies there are countless ways to hang beautiful plants and flowers on your fence. Whether you like DIY or you’d rather buy a nice box planter or rack for your pots on your local store, there are many ways to add life and color to your fence.

Hanging Garden Fence

Chain link living fence.
This is another way to make your fence stand out and at the same time covering up all those little thing you may not be so happy about. For many people chain link fences are very functional but they may not be fond of their looks, adding a touch of green and life to your chain link fence could be just what you need if this is your particular case. Cover your chain link fence with foliage and you will have the privacy you need with the lush green, luxury garden look you want.

Wisteria Chain Link Fence

Here’s a short list of the best vines to cover your fence:

Dutchman’s Pipe
Persian Ivy
English Ivy
Boston Ivy
Trumpet vine
Creeping Fig
Hyacinth Bean
Carolina Jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens)
Climbing Hydrangea
Hardy Kiwi
Black-eyed Susan Vine
Variegated Porcelain Vine
Virginia Creeper
Silver Fleece Vine
Passion Flower
Purple Leaved Grape
Morning Glory

Frames & Mirrors.
This is an easy way to decorate your fence and it also works as a way to recycle and reuse old frames and mirrors. You can set up a space to hang your frames or mirrors and think of the nicest way to organize the elements in the space. Once you’re done with that, you can glue them or hang them; or if you want to take this simple project to another level, you could paint and decorate your frames and mirrors in order to make them suit your style even better.

Frames and Mirrors Fence

4. Benches.

If you are into giving things a purpose and function, then this might be for you. A bench that stands against your fence provides you with sitting space and a clever way to make your yard more inviting.

Benches and Planters

5. Chalkboards.

Another way to decor your fence in a way that also provides you functionality is to put up a chalkboard. This is a clever trick to prevent little children from writing on your walls as well since you’re procuring a creative space where they can safely explore their skills.

Blackboard Fence

If you found these tips helpful, please share them with your friends and family. If you need to install a new fence, or if you’re looking to repair or give maintenance to the one you already have, please contact the experts at Campanella Fence, (845) 628-2200.