An edible garden is not just an eco-friendly trend; it is actually a great way to save time, money and truly enjoy the freshest ingredients at home. The best way to keep your edible garden safe and beautiful is of course by putting a fence around it, so the pets or the children won’t be able to spoil your hard work. We know a Hawthorne fence company that offers a wide variety of fences to protect your edible garden, but first we’re going to walk you through the 5 steps you have to follow in order to set up the perfect edible garden, right at home.



  1. Plan your spaces

The first thing to take in consideration when creating an edible garden is to define where will it be, how much space will it occupy and how many plants and trees will it hold. Does your back or front yard have enough space to contain ever-growing plants? If so, how much of that space do you plan to cover with those beautiful and delicious crops? A rough sketch and a few measurements should be enough to make sure you won’t end up with a mess in your property.

  1. What you reap is what you sow

The next big thing when it comes to your edible garden project is no other but what kind of goods will you be harvesting next season. Perhaps it will be fruits, veggies, herbs or maybe a mix of everything. Whatever you choose just beware the weather because not everything will grow in a very cold or very hot weather. Dig around a little and find out what are the best seeds and the best things you can grow according to the environmental conditions surrounding your property. There are tons of helpful sites such as Urban Farmer where you can check out what to plant for every month of the year.

You have picked your crops and you’re ready to start, but before you must design to make sure that edible garden not only will provide you with fresh fruit and ingredients for your healthier diet but you also want it to look awesome. Organize your herbs in such a way they will look beautiful together, for example make a gradient with the different green shades or create a bed for each crop forming nice patterns.

  1. Set it all up.

Now, once you’ve decided where to plant, what to plant and how to plant it, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Compost, water and of course all sorts of gardening tools will come more than handy when you’re setting up your favorite herbs, veggies and fruits in your yard. After you’re done setting everything up, we would recommend you plan a schedule and stick to a maintenance routine to keep your garden groomed and growing steady.

  1. Protect your food source

Last but not least, make sure everything is safe putting a fence around it. Campanella Fence is a Hawthorne fence company that offers a wide variety of styles and materials to ensure you will have the best fence you can get for whatever purpose you may need it. They also have the expertise and experience to provide you with orientation, a superb installation and unparalleled customer care in order to guarantee the best results for you and your property. Make your edible garden the oasis of your dreams and enjoy the freshest ingredients every day. Call Campanella Fence for a free at home consultation on (914) 628-2200