Fence Etiquette to Prevent Neighbor Disputes

While installing a new fence can be an exciting endeavor, you must keep in mind fencing laws and practice fencing etiquette to avoid having problems with neighbors or the HOA. The following is a list of things you should keep in mind before installing a new fence.

Do your research

While every town has different laws and regulations for fences, most limit the height to 4 feet in front yards and 6 feet in backyards. If you are a member of a Home Owner Association (HOA), you may be required to follow their rules. They can dictate style, color, and maintenance.  Most HOAs aim to have a consistent style throughout the neighborhood. You may not have many choices if your HOA has rules on fence design.

Respect boundaries

Observe property boundaries and build one or two feet inside your property lines to be on the safe side. Doing this not only prevents legal disputes, but also ensures that your neighbor can’t legally put up anything against their side of the fence. Be sure to talk to your neighbors before installing    a fence; it’s common courtesy and shows consideration. You don’t need to disclose all the details about your new fence, but let your neighbors know what your plans are.

Maintain both sides

Most states require that you maintain both sides of the fence.  Vinyl fencing is the easiest material to keep clean, only requiring a medium-pressure hosing every couple of months. If you decide to install a wood fence, be prepared for higher maintenance. It’s a common practice to put the nicer side of your fence facing your neighbor’s yard.

Choose a neighbor friendly fence

Cedar fence materials can be used to install a new neighbor friendly fence that looks the same on both sides. It will be smart to choose a design that complements your home and is similar to others in the neighborhood. Not only will this make the return on investment higher, but your neighbors will appreciate it.

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