Remember the first time you laid eyes on a wild deer in the yard? You know, back when they were so majestic and free and you just wanted to run out and feed them and hug them? Yeah, those days have long since past. Now you’re a bit older. A bit wiser. And lot less tolerant of those furry pests roaming your property, eating your grass and leaving nothing but their droppings for you to have to clean up. Not to mention the fact that they’re not even particularly friendly. Quite the contrary, meaning sending your kids out unattended could be hazardous. If only there was some way to keep your kids in and those burdensome creatures out. Alas, there is a solution! It’s quality deer fencing, which you can have installed immediately by Campanella Fence.

Before we continue, we should rule out the alternatives. Gardeners have been known to use sprays to deter deer from eating their plants. Whichever company has employed the most influential marketing campaign tend to get the most customers. But they rarely show any lasting results. The philosophy behind the spray is to cover the plants with a chemical taste that’s unattractive to the deer, thus inspiring them to go seek other plants in other places to eat since the ones in your yard taste so bad.

But this philosophy is flawed. Firstly, because in order to send the message, they still have to eat some of your plants! Secondly, because typically, if the deer have already tasted a plant once before having been sprayed, it doesn’t matter how many times your spray it thus forth because they’ll always come back expecting it to taste it did the first time they tried it. And thirdly, because it’s a chemical spray that is as inedible to humans as it is to deer, meaning you can’t spray it on fruits or vegetable plants, which just so happen to be the very plants that deer are most likely to eat.

So sprays are out. What else? Another attempt at resolving the issue is to put netting over the flowers. That won’t work either. If deer are hungry enough, they will find away to climb under and get to the goods in no time. And in any case, netting is not particularly attractive, which for some people defeats the purpose of even having a garden in the first place.

A deer fence of the legal height installed by the Campanella Fence is the best solution available. Deer fences are too high to jump (almost always), meaning the only way the deer could ever enter into your yard is if you inadvertently allow them to by leaving the gate open. And they’re cost effective too, as the alternative is letting the door into your garden, time and time again, which over time adds up to being not only irritating, but downright expensive too.

You owe this to yourself. No more deer on the lawn! Call us today at 845-628-2200 and set up an appointment to get your deer fence installed immediately.