The best way to make your fence more durable is giving proper maintenance every now and then. Keeping your fence clean is simple and really helpful when it comes to keep your fence in good shape.

These 5 steps are all you need to clean your vinyl fence and keep it fine and dandy:

  1. Spray it down.
    Grab your hose and wash off any residues or dirt sitting in your fence.
  2. Soap it up.
    Take a bucket full of soapy water and a soft scrub brush to clean up all the dirt and stains that are still lingering in your fence.
  3. Rinse.
    Get rid of the soap residues rinsing your fence with clean water and let it air dry.
  4. Vinyl Cleaning Solution.
    Although the previous 3 steps usually suffice in cleaning your fence a vinyl cleaning solution always goes a long way if your fence has stains. Apply the cleaning solution to the areas of your fence in need of extra attention and wipe it with a cloth rag.
  5. Rinse again.
    Once you’re done with the cleaning solution, grab your water hose again and spray your fence. Finally, let air dry your vinyl fence.

Bonus Round.

Here are a few extra tips to care for your vinyl fence:

  • Never place a heat source close to your vinyl fence.
  • Don’t paint your vinyl fence.
  • Protect your warranty, don’t screw attachments or embellishments to you vinyl fence.
  • Keep your vinyl fence in good shape; never hang heavy ornaments or plants on it.

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