Garden’s are nice. They look pretty. They’re rewarding feats of hard work and they can even produce a tasty lunch time side dish of fruits and veggies, if you so desire. But, after a while, well, it just gets a bit tedious with all the upkeep. That’s okay. There comes a point for all of us where we just have to admit the truth. Gardening is tiring and it gets old after a while. That doesn’t mean you should abandon gardening altogether. All it means is that you need to be a bit more selective and organized in your methodology. Here’s your guide to building a low maintenance garden with minimal stress.

Lose the lawn

There’s really nothing else in either your front of back yard that requires as much maintenance as the grass, and frankly, you don’t really need it. If you’ve got kids, you’re welcome to reserve an area that you let grow out, since long grass is fun to play in and requires literally none of your valuable attention. However, once they’re too old, you have full permission to promptly get rid of it. You can do so by widening the skirt of any trees you have on your property. Then decorate the soil with woodland plants that are capable of coexisting with tree roots. If you use a combination of summer (Sicilia) and spring (Crocus) bulbs that can tolerate droughts, you’ll be able to keep a garden all year around without hardly ever having to touch it. Plus, this way you’ll be able to keep the mowing to an absolute minimum.

Gravel paths

After lawn mowing, what would you say is the single most tedious and time consuming chore of the garden? If you answered “Weeds!”, you’d be in agreement with mostly all gardeners across the globe. Weeds are the worst and it’s no secret. But there are plenty of ways to keep them at bay while administering a very small amount of your own manual labor. It all starts the crushed gravel paths. Dig them deep and you’ll be able to keep the weeds away for longer. You can decorate the paths with stones to give them some personality. Above all, just be sure they’re sufficiently wide. That means give or take 7 feet across. Once you you start to go more narrow than that you’re going to encounter some problems.

Build a fence

Campanella Fence is the fence company that can make your yard look gorgeous without the relentless and grueling maintenance requirements that typically consume a gardener’s time. We take all of our clients’ preferences and needs very seriously, and always make it our priority to provide the exact fencing job that works best with each client’s respective property.

That should be enough to get your started. You’re not the only one who enjoys gardening but can get a bit lazy after a while. Take this advice and do what you please with it. One of the best ways to narrow your maintenance and add some minimally demanding aesthetic to your property is with a well installed fence. Provided you use Campanella Fence, you will most definitely end up with a more than satisfactory addition to your home. Campanella Fence is ready and able. Give us a call today at 845-628-2200.