It’s not the most challenging endeavor maintaining a garden. Provided that you’re responsible and water your plants consistently, and have a bit of experience on how to keep things healthy and growing, you can have a garden that looks just as good as those of any of your neighbors. The real question is what does it take to make yours look better? One of the most effective ways to distinguish your home is to build a carefully selected pergola. That alone will have your garden looking the best on the block. But it’s essential that your find the best and most professional company to do the job. Campanella Fence has been installing pergolas, arbors and trellises for over 29 years.

Pergolas and arbors will give your home a dreamlike ambiance to it. It will paint a picture typically reserved for the movies. With these wooden structures added to your property, your guests will feel as though they are entering a different universe. It will give off the impression that they can leave their worries about the world at the entrance. Pergolas and arbors are what create the sense of a safe space. It’s the kind of place where you can go on a warm summer day, kick your feet up, and just forget.

Bring your favorite book and engross yourself in an exhilarating story. You wouldn’t believe how much easier it becomes to focus when in the right setting. Nowhere will you be more free from distraction than in your own backyard, and with a few extra touches by adding a beautiful wooden fence built with the same style as your pergola and arbor, life will become all the more relaxing.

Installing a porch can be time consuming and expensive. It’s a huge job that demands a lot from you financially. Sometimes it’s not even possible it’s frequently not worth the trouble. Building a pergola with a roof in your yard, you’ll be serving the same purpose as building a porch at a much more affordable cost. And with this style, you’ll have an excuse to actually leave your house for a bit without having to leave your property. This makes it all the easier for you to avoid heading back into look at Facebook.

By putting a roof in your yard, you’ll also be able to host barbecues no matter the weather. Even if it ends up being a bit rainier than planned, you’ll still be able to host. It creates the perfect venue that marries you time and friend time, for whichever your preference at any particular moment. It’s better than having a porch, where all your guests would be either bunched into a small space or forced to head inside. It’s summertime, and there should be no excuse for people to go inside when hosting a potluck or a barbecue.

While you’re at it, the best way to complement your newly built pergola and arbors is with a fence of a similar design and style. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Campanella Fence can do it. Give us a call anytime at 845-628-2200 for more information. We’d love to hear from you.