One of the greatest perks of getting away from the city and moving to the suburbs is the privacy. But even in the outskirts, away from the rustle and bustle of your neighboring urban center, there still remains the potential for a breach of privacy. Particularly at night, it’s all too easy for passers-by to peer into your kitchen while you’re eating dinner with your family. So it’s a totally reasonable decision to want to figure out a way to ensure that that privacy you’ve been hunting for is attained. The question, then, is what is the most stylish, least aggressive way to create some separation without making too much of a fuss with your neighbors? You have two main options. There’s the privacy fence, and then there’s the privacy hedges. The truth is most people who choose hedges over fences end up regretting it and we’re here to tell you why. So to make the decision easier, here is your pro/con analysis for choosing a fence over hedges, brought to you by your very own Campanella Fence.

Pros To Privacy Fences

  • It’s low maintenance. For most fences, once you build them, you won’t have to touch them for a decade plus. If you have a picket fence and you want to hold on to that brand new white tint you had when your first installed it, you’ll have to paint it every year or so. But that still doesn’t compare to the amount of work you’ll have to put into the weekly pruning and trimming you’ll have to devote to your hedges.
  • It goes up quick: When done professionally, fence installation should take no more than a matter of days, even if it’s for a particularly large yard. Hedges take months to plant and care for, making sure they get all the water and sun they need to grow up to be healthy, long-lasting.
  • They take up less space: You can give your yard a tighter, smoother look that’s more consistent with its appearance. Hedges will take up a chunk of your yard. On top of that, as soon as you get lazy and forget to prune them, they’ll grow out and start taking up even more space, possibly reaching out beyond your property lines and angering your neighbors.

Cons to Privacy Fences

  • Cost: This one depends on what material you choose and the size of the job. It’s true that if you choose to install a vinyl fence for an acre of land that you might end up paying a pretty penny. However, vinyl also is the most durable, most aesthetic material requiring some of the least maintenance. So in the interest of investing, it still might be the better choice, provided that you’re willing to take the initial financial hit.
  • Red tape: There’s the possibility that you’ll have to acquire to permit before you build a fence. This simply requires that you do a bit of additional research before ordering the installation and getting the necessary approval. It’s a bit of an inconvenience but typically ends up being relatively painless.

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