Protecting Your Wooden Fence

Wooden fences are a great choice for homeowners looking to give their home a natural look that will complement their landscape style. The best way to keep your wooden fence in tip-top shape is to prevent the rain and sun from affecting it. The following are a few tips on how to protect your wooden fence.

Check the pickets

Make sure no nails have started to rot or have fallen out. If you see any loose nails, hammer these in or replace them. Replace any broken or rotting pickets.

Give it the proper maintenance       

Wooden fences need regular maintenance at least every three years to extend life and help it stay strong and attractive.  You must remove all mildew by cleaning your wooden fence. Let the fence dry for two to three days before painting or staining it.

Painting or staining?  

You have three choices when it comes to protecting your wooden fence from the sun and rain: paint, semitransparent stain, and solid stain.

  • Paints form a film on the surface to prevent moisture from affecting the underlying wood and also provide more UV protection than stains.
  • Stains are thinner than paint and are designed to soak into the wood, filling the wood pores to prevent moisture from entering.
  • Semitransparent stains offer a translucent appearance allowing the texture of the wood beneath to show through. This gives new wood fences a very appealing finish. Semitransparent stains offer the least UV protection.
  • Solid stains are highly pigmented and cover the underlying grain of the wood. Older, worn down surfaces can benefit from solid stains

Things to keep in mind

Keep an eye on the soil surrounding the fence posts to make sure that it does not make direct contact with the fence posts. Moisture from the soil can cause decay in the posts, and the fence’s entire structure could be affected. Wood may require more maintenance than other fencing materials, but it is less expensive and environmentally friendly.

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