Summer is the perfect time to take over those home improvement projects, and let’s face it, the outside usually needs a little more of attention. After all, the exterior of our homes is exposed to all kinds of adversities, from unpleasant weather to animals and sometimes, even unpleasant people.

Of course one of the things that usually need special care is your fence. Fences have to withstand all sorts of difficult conditions, and they’re not only around your property as a protection or privacy asset but also to add curb appeal to your house and increase its value. Hence, it is very important that your fence looks fine and dandy all the time.

And that is a good reason to renew your wooden fence this summer. So bring on the lemonade and read on to learn how to renew your wooden fence.

Your fence can look new again if you follow a few simple steps, provided by the experts from a Dobbs Ferry fence company.

  • Start by washing thoroughly your wooden fence with a power washer.
  • Then, let your fence dry for at least 24 hours. That’s why summer is the perfect time for this project.
  • Once your fence is dry, glue the split and broken pieces of your fence, using waterproof glue and clamping or taping the pieces together until they’re dry.
  • Next, bring back the glow to your wooden fence with a nourishing oil stain. Use a soaking coat of semitransparent stain to paint the dry wood

Following these simple steps will allow you to bring back the life to your old wooden fence. But if this is not enough for you and you prefer a professional repair and maintenance, or if you just simply want to install a brand new fence, you better contact a reliable Dobbs Ferry fence company like Campanella fence. They can provide you with a flawless installation, superb fence services and advice on your fencing project, paired with unparalleled customer service. Call them today and request a free at-home consultation at 845 628 2200.