Now that we’re in the new year and you get that feeling of renovation, you might feel like changing and improving everything in your life, including your backyard. Campanella Fence has just what you’re looking for: 5 ways to transform your backyard and renew your home for the new year.


  1. Hardscaping.

Decorative planters and water features are just a couple of the many things you can do when it comes to hardscaping. Adding a fire pit or chimney to your backyard, brick pathways or even a stone labyrinth, the possibilities are endless; you can give your backyard an 180º twist and renovate it for the new year by including some hardscaping in it.


  1. Pergolas & Trellises.

These pieces are definitely an asset to your backyard; they provide you with shade and an interesting yet classic look for your outdoors. It might not seem like a huge change, but if you play your cards right and receive the right advice from a reliable fence contractor, like Campanella Fence,  you can guarantee a  professional orientation and such a flawless installation that your whole backyard will feel renewed.


  1. Smooth transitions.

Avoiding harsh transitions between spaces doesn’t have to be difficult; all you need is a little creativity. Incorporating your pool into the landscape as well as your relaxing or dining areas can be achieved by simply choosing wisely a landscape design that matches the style of your pool and your home.


  1. BBQ and dining space.

If you’re not into extreme backyard makeovers this is a less dramatic choice of renovation. Add a barbecue and a dining space with a nice decor and well-lit. It sounds very simple but it’s going to be a whole new world once it’s finished.


  1. Hammocks.

And even less dramatic than dining space and barbecues are hammocks. This hanging and swinging pieces of furniture come in nearly all shapes and sizes for you to choose the one that suits your backyard the best and, of course, the one that provides you with the best relaxation spot of your home outdoors.