Wood Fence Repair Or Replacement? 

While wood fences enhance the appearance of your yard by providing a natural, rustic look and provide privacy and security as well, they need regular maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. If your wooden fence is rotting or falling down, is it time to repair or replace it?

Even if it is only a small part that is decaying, this can cause trouble to the entire fence and leave your yard fenceless. You may want to try to fix your wooden fence on your own, but remember it takes the right tools, expertise, and a large amount of time to repair or replace a wood fence on your own.  The best thing to do is to let a professional contractor get the job done.

Signs of damage

  • Discoloration
  • Splintering
  • Warping

Wood fence repair or replace?

Decide whether you want to repair or replace your fence. Observe what type and how much damage the fence has. If the damage is in the fence posts, you should most likely replace the fence. If it’s minor damage such as a shrinking or wobbling post, you should consider repairing it.

Correcting wobbly fence posts

Shrinking inside the concrete footing can contribute to a wobbly fence. A quick fix to this is to shim the bottom of the post entirely and caulk the shims in place. If there is no concrete footing, another quick fix is to use a sister post. Place it a few feet deep into the ground and seal the two posts together to provide support.

Replacing a wood fence

Your fence can either enhance your home or take away from it. A worn out, damaged fence gives your home a bad impression. If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, make sure to replace your fence first. The first thing guests see when arriving to your home is your fence. Make sure your fence beautifies your home and doesn’t take away its appeal.

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