Find the best earth-friendly options for fencing for your Mahopac, NY area home with these easy tips. Let’s explore some of the details that make this an important aspect of property fencing.

Fencing As an Eco-Friendly Option in New York

When people think about creating an eco-friendly home in Mahopac, NY, they mostly concentrate on the inside of the house. They usually focus on ways to conserve energy and utilize fewer resources for example, which is a great start. But you can also embrace eco-friendly choices and designs outside your home. For example, eco-friendly gates and fences are a simple way to do this.

Sustainable Fences in the Mahopac Area

Traditionally, most gates and fences are made from metal or wood. Metal fences require a substantial amount of resources to manufacture, though there are many that use better practices today to create eco-friendly production. The wood industry is not necessarily environmentally friendly, due to the number of trees being cut down to supply the wood and the chemical treatments they put on some of the types of wood to prolong its life. On the other hand, eco-friendly fencing is possible in many types of materials and there are quite a number of fence choices to consider.

Gates and fences can be made from a wide number of materials. From wood fence to vinyl fence and aluminum fence or chain link fence you can find the fencing that suits your budget and personal style.

Options for Earth-Friendly Fencing in NY

Wood fencing can be considered eco-friendly when you consider the use of cedar wood fencing. As opposed to the pressure-treated types, cedar is not filled with harmful chemicals and it can be recycled at the end of its life as a fence.

Aluminum fencing in the Mahopac, NY area can also be considered eco-friendly fencing. It is lightweight, easy to install, long-lasting, and does not require maintenance with any chemicals. It’s also a very recyclable material that can be broken down and sent to scrap metal yards for full recycling.  

Vinyl fences also are recyclable and lightweight, being another option that can prove to be eco-friendly. The long-lasting material also will cut down on the need for maintenance and replacements, being a sustainable fence option for Mahopac, NY residents.

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