Dog owners all across New York and beyond want to keep their precious pets safe while giving them an area to explore and enjoy. That’s where dog fencing comes in! If you live in the Mahopac area, we’re here to give you some good fencing advice and be here for any questions you may have when you’re done reading this page. 

Dog Fence Considerations for Mahopac, NY

Among the most important variables that will influence your fence selection in Mahopac, NY is your circumstances, preferences, and budget. Consider all the aspects of your specific circumstances. Where are you located? Are you in a particularly urban area? Rural? Depending on your location, fence design may have more or less of an impact on your selection. For example, if you are happy with simpler, more practical designs, a chain link fence is the most affordable choice. 

Considering Your Dog’s Needs

When you are installing a fence at your Mahopac area home to benefit your dog, think about their specific needs and habits. How big is your pet? How energetic? If you do have many passersby and your dog is known to be a bit jumpy, you may want to consider a style of fence that offers full privacy, like a wood fence or a vinyl fence. If this is not a concern for you, chain link fencing or aluminum fencing are also great options for dog fencing.

Privacy Fencing Options for your Dog

A wood fence in Mahopac gives a softer look to your property in addition to the privacy it creates, though it can be damaged easier by dogs who may get rough with the fence by chewing or scratching. Vinyl fencing is not as easily damaged and can be installed in styles that even look like wood if that’s the preference you have. With the added benefit of privacy, both wood and vinyl fencing are well worth the investment. Wood fencing always takes a little more maintenance, but many people see the benefits outweigh the work. Look into all the options available to you, list out your needs and the pros and cons, and give our fence experts a call to discuss what’s best for you.

For a Safe Dog Fence, Call the Experts at Campanella Fence

Make your dog’s life happier and safer at your New York property and make your life a little less stressful with a new dog fence from Campanella Fence. With a new fence, everyone wins! You won’t have to walk your dog nearly as often, you’ll have a newfound sense of privacy, and you and your dog will be happier for it. 

At Campanella Fence, we consider circumstances, preferences, budgets, and more, and we work with each of our clients individually in Mahopac and the surrounding area, ensuring your satisfaction. Give us a call today at (845) 628-2200 or Contact Us online and our helpful, expert team will be happy to help you with your fence project!