You have chosen your new fence and are excited to get it installed, but winter is approaching, and you may be thinking you’ll have to wait several more months to get started. Thankfully, that’s not the case! As a top-rated Westchester County, NY fence company, Campanella Fence can install your fence even if it’s chilly outside. Keep reading to see if this is the best option for you. 

5 Reasons to Install Your Mahopac, NY Residential Fence in the Winter

Generally, winter is a less-than-ideal time of year to have a fence installed. There are definitely some unique challenges that come with a winter fence installation project, but with the right planning and a trustworthy Westchester County, NY fence company, it can be done. Campanella Fence has been installing fences for years, and we have found that the following benefits of winter fence installation can make it worthwhile for many residential or commercial property owners. 

Quicker Turnaround Time  

Scheduling a new Mahopac, NY residential fence project during peak season may take several weeks or even months. However, during the winter when the weather is chilly, most New York residents are focused on staying warm and cozy inside, so their focus is mostly concentrated on indoor projects. This makes the winter months a good option if you want to get your new fence installed ahead of others in your area. Additionally, if permits are necessary for your project, scheduling in the winter may reduce approval time since there are generally fewer permits to process during the off-season. 

Avoid Damage to Your Landscaping

Most landscaping goes dormant in the winter months, so with that being the case, you may be able to install a new fence and avoid causing a lot of damage to your plants. This allows you to have your fence in place and settled before spring comes and your flowers start blooming. If you’re planning a fresh, new landscaping project, installing your fence in the off-season ensures that you’ll be ready to start landscaping as soon as the weather starts to warm up.

Save Time and Money

There is no sure guarantee that installing your new fence in the winter is less expensive or can save you time, but there may be some opportunities for both that are not available during peak season. One of the potential benefits available to you is overstocked or on-sale materials for your Mahopac, NY residential fence. At Campanella Fence, we often advertise sale specials on our website, so be sure to check our site for updates! Another possibility is that shipping may be quicker on out-of-stock products, so you will not have to pay extra for expediting materials. 

Immediately Replace a Damaged Fence

Maybe your fence has been damaged and unsightly for a while and has become an eyesore because you thought that winter fence installations weren’t an option. Now that you know this isn’t the case, you don’t have to wait to remove your old fence. Start your Mahopac, NY residential fence project during the cold winter months and your new fence will be installed and ready to go quicker than you thought was possible. 

Be Prepared For Warm Weather Outdoor Activities

When you install your new fence during the winter, you can guarantee that you will be completely ready for barbecues, summer parties, or relaxing in your backyard when the weather is right. Trying to finish an outdoor project right before a summer holiday or celebration can be stressful, so be prepared by having your fence installed during the winter months when outdoor activities are at a minimum. 

Winter Fence Maintenance in Mahopac, NY 

The winter months in New York can bring extremely cold temperatures, wind, snow, and ice, so knowing how to care for your new fence once winter hits is also an important part of extending its life for as long as possible. Wood fences should be sealed before cold weather arrives to make sure that they are well protected. Vinyl fences are really durable but be careful to avoid placing extra pressure on vinyl fencing and avoid heavy contact. If you get a lot of snow, avoid piling it along your fence line. Aluminum fences and chain link fences do not need any special considerations for winter weather, as they don’t require any maintenance, and they hold up to the cold very well.

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