One of the most popular fencing materials around the Mahopac, NY area is wood fencing. If you are thinking of choosing a wood fence for your property and would like to know more so you can determine if wood fencing is the right choice, you can trust our experts at Campanella Fence to help. In this article, we highlight some tips that will help you determine if wood fencing is right for you and how important proper installation is for long-lasting quality fencing. 

Tip One: Determine the Location for Your Mahopac, NY Wood Fence

Before you schedule your new wood fence installation with a fencing contractor in Mahopac, NY, you’ll need to determine the placement of the fence on your property. What you decide depends on your needs and preferences. You may only want to enclose your backyard with a privacy fence, or perhaps you’d like a picket fence that surrounds your entire property. 


Wood fencing has a lot of different styles that meet different needs. Here’s an overview of our favorites with many others on the wood fence page of our website:

Board on Board Wood Fences

This is one of our most popular options for Mahopac homes. The board-on-board style wood fence provides you with full privacy while looking great on both sides of the fence, making it a great option if you have neighbors on either side of your property. 

Post and Rail Wood Fencing 

If you happen to have a large area of property around your home in New York, a post and rail wood fence, which is also known as a “farm fence”, is a good choice. While this type of wood fencing isn’t ideal for privacy, it is great for marking borders and keeping out larger animals. It’s a simple design that is easy to maintain and looks clean and attractive. It’s also a cost-effective option for a Mahopac, NY wood fence.

Tongue and Groove Wood Fences

Another great wood fence style to install in the Mahopac, NY area is the tongue and groove style wood fence.  There are a variety of options that you can finish the fence top with, making this style of fence one of our favorites!

Spaced Wood Picket Fencing in Texas

The classic picket fence seen in many front yards all across Mahopac, New York may conjure up pictures of days gone by. It has a homey and welcoming appearance and looks great around almost any property.

Tip Two: Decide on the Main Purpose for your Mahopac, NY Wood Fence

In addition to knowing where your fence will go, it’s also important to be clear on exactly what the priority is for your new wood fence. Typically, our customers choose to have a new fence installed by a fencing contractor in Mahopac, NY for the following reasons:


A wood fence is a great option if you want some privacy while relaxing in your backyard. You can choose a classic stockade or board-on-board style of wood fences, which give an overlapping board look that is just as decorative on either side. Both of these styles work well for privacy and help block wind and noise, creating an even more private space.

Curb Appeal

Sometimes, the purpose of a wood fence is not to keep people in or out, it’s there primarily to make your home look more attractive. A fence will change the look of your property, giving it a look of its own that stands out in the neighborhood. A Mahopac, NY wood fence is very customizable and is able to be stained to fit your preference. A sealing stain will enhance the grain of wood fencing and will keep the material looking great for years to come.

Pet Barrier

A wood fence is a great solution to keep your family pets safely and securely enclosed in your yard. If you happen to choose a privacy style of fence, it may curb excessive barking since your dog will not be able to see people or other animals walking by. 

TipThree: Choosing Wood Over Other Materials

Even though a wood fence is one of the most popular choices and most widely used fences in the United States, you’ll want to make sure that a wood fence is the best choice of material for your needs. Let’s take a quick look at how wood compares to other fencing options. 


Wood fencing is typically less expensive than fences made of other materials like aluminum or vinyl. Chain-link fencing is another affordable option but is not as attractive as wood. If you want a fence that is beautiful, cost-effective, and practical, a wood fence is a great option!


There are species of wood, like cedar, that are more durable than others due to their natural resistance to insects and longevity. Vinyl, aluminum, and chain link fences are known to outlast wood fences, however, the beauty of a wood fence can’t really compare to anything else. So if you’re willing to commit to the maintenance and repair required during the life of a wood fence, then wood is a great option.


The natural beauty of a wood fence can greatly elevate the look of your property. Wood fencing provides the opportunity for many different styles and can be customized with stain color. Many vinyl fence materials emulate the look of wood fencing, but they require little maintenance and last longer than natural wood fences. Aluminum fences are known for their elegant look, low maintenance, and durability as well. 

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