If you are looking at Westchester County, NY residential fences for your property but are unsure of the type and style you want, then we are here to help you break down the details. At Campanella Fence, we have found that both vinyl fences and aluminum fences are very popular when it comes to protecting those you love and your property. But how do you know which of these weather-proof, durable fencing options is the right fit for you? As a trusted fencing contractor in Mahopac, NY we can help you dive into the differences between aluminum fences and vinyl fences so you make the right choice!

Vinyl Fences vs. Aluminum Westchester County, NY Residential Fences: The Basics 

Both Vinyl fences and aluminum fences are proven weather-resistant and long-lasting fences. However, their look and intended uses are very different. Let’s take a look at the main differences between these two great fence types. 


Aluminum fences are made from pickets that are spaced apart from one another, creating a strong decorative barrier but providing very little privacy. Additionally, residential aluminum fences are typically 4’ tall but can come in taller styles if needed. 


Vinyl fences are available in both picket fence styles, like aluminum, or in full-privacy styles made from solid panels. Full-privacy vinyl fences are normally 6’ tall and block all views from outside your yard. 


If you are interested in creating a perimeter barrier and aren’t as concerned about the privacy aspect, then a traditional aluminum fence or picket vinyl fence would be a great choice. However, if it’s important to you to create some privacy around your property, then a full-privacy vinyl fence would be the way to go. 


Both aluminum and vinyl fences are very attractive fencing options; between these two fence types, you will be able to find a fence that suits nearly every style. Both types of fences come in a variety of styles and have customizable options that can range from traditional to modern, making them perfect for Mahopac homes and businesses. 

Vinyl fences come in a variety of colors and styles, with a white, full-privacy vinyl fence being the most popular option. They are constructed out of strong vinyl posts and rails that have full panels of vinyl or vinyl pickets placed between them. All of this gives the fence a modern appearance that is still aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

Aluminum fences typically have a black powder coating, giving them their elegant and classic look. If you choose a modern style, they typically have flat-top rails, whereas if you prefer a more traditional or dramatic style, they have pickets and other ornamental details, like finials.

Maintenance Requirements

When it comes to Westchester County, NY residential fences, vinyl and aluminum are both very well known for being basically maintenance-free. Vinyl is naturally resistant to insects, rotting, cracking, and breaking down in the sun. Aluminum’s durable powder coating protects and prevents breakdown and rusting. Light, routine maintenance, including gently washing your fence with a hose and gentle cleanser as needed, can keep both your aluminum or vinyl fence looking brand new. 

Great Uses for Vinyl Fences and Aluminum Fences

Pool Fences

Aluminum fences and vinyl fences are great choices for pool fencing because they are sturdy and waterproof! Other types of fencing may be prone to rust or rot when frequently exposed to water but both vinyl fencing and aluminum fencing can stand up to splashes or the occasional spray from rough play in the pool. 

Aluminum pool fences will be a secure barrier that will allow you to keep watch over the pool from the outside, making it a great option for families with kids. However, if you find yourself entertaining on a regular basis, aluminum fencing doesn’t provide the privacy that you may desire.

Dog Fences

If you are a pet owner, one of your priorities will be providing your pet with a safe place to run and play. As a trustworthy fencing contractor in Mahopac, NY we value your commitment to your family, including your pets, and we are confident in recommending both aluminum and vinyl for customers looking for a new dog fence. If you are interested in designing a new fence for your pet, check out our photo gallery for some inspiration.

Comparing Vinyl and Aluminum Fences: Insights from a Fencing Contractor in Mahopac, NY

Vinyl and aluminum are both great options for Westchester County, NY residential fences. Let’s look at a few additional details that may help you make your decision: 

  • Cost: Vinyl and aluminum fences can tend to be a bit more expensive at the onset but have lower maintenance costs in the long run and outlast some other fence materials.
  • Warranty: Many vinyl and aluminum fence materials come with a comprehensive standard manufacturer warranty, but it’s best to check the warranty’s details before making a final decision.

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