Whether you want to block out noisy neighbors, keep the kids safely in your yard, or prevent your family dog from running into the road, we’re sure you’ve done your due diligence in researching what type of fence would best fit your needs. Through your research, you’ve probably come across the phrases “privacy fences” and “semi-privacy fences.” But how do you know which type of fence is perfect for your Westchester County home? At Westchester County, NY fence company Campanella Fence, we help you select the perfect fence, no matter your needs. Let’s take a look and see which style will fit your needs the best!

Full Privacy Fences From Our Westchester County, NY Fence Company

A full privacy fence is basically a fence that provides a completely obstructed view of your property from the outside while preventing you from seeing anything going on outside of your property. A full privacy fence is created using pickets that are placed flush next to one another without any spaces. Full-privacy fences have other benefits in addition to blocking the view. Here are some other qualities of a full-privacy vinyl fence:

A Full Privacy Fence Blocks Sound

Because a full-privacy fence is effectively a solid barrier, disruptive sounds outside of your yard, such as heavy traffic, loud music, or social gatherings, can be muffled. While a full-privacy fence may not completely block out 100% of unpleasant sounds, a barrier between you and what’s going on outside can create a more peaceful environment in your outdoor living space.

Full-Privacy Fences are Easier to Keep Clean

Because the pickets of a full privacy fence are directly next to one another or solid sheets of vinyl between posts, you have less surface area to clean and fewer hard-to-reach spaces to clean. 

At our top-rated central Texas fence company, we offer many types of full-privacy fences, including both vinyl full-privacy fences and wood full-privacy fences. Our fence contractors have extensive experience constructing a wide range of full-privacy fence options. 

Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fencing

As the name suggests, a semi-privacy fence offers significant privacy but doesn’t go as far as a full privacy fence. Semi-privacy fences may have some space between the pickets and generally offer more privacy than a decorative fence. Just like full-privacy fences, semi-privacy fences have their benefits. Here are some benefits of semi-privacy fencing:

Airflow and Sunlight Can Pass Through

If you’re interested in installing a fence that allows a cool breeze or some sunlight to filter through while still adding additional privacy, then a semi-privacy fence may be the perfect solution for you. The small spaces between pickets in a semi-privacy fence can help add light and comfort to your yard or outdoor living space. A cool breeze on a warm summer day can make all the difference.

Semi-Privacy Fences Can Reduce the Feeling of Being Closed In

Full-privacy fences are a great way of creating an enclosed space, but they sometimes can leave property owners feeling cut off from the outside world. However, the spaces between the pickets of a semi-privacy fence allow for some visibility, making it possible to see trees or activity going on outside of your property. 


A semi-privacy fence is the middle ground between a Mahopac, NY full- privacy fence and a simple fence that is installed for decorative purposes only. We offer a variety of semi-privacy fence styles, including chain link fences with PVC privacy slats. Privacy slats are long pieces of durable PVC that are woven into the chain link mesh to create a semi-private barrier. Privacy slats are available in a variety of colors, which allows your fence to fit in with the aesthetic of your property. 


Want to add a decorative flair to your yard? We also offer a number of semi-privacy wood fence styles that are more decorative than their full-privacy counterparts, allowing you to add your own personal style to your outside space. 

A Mahopac, NY Privacy Fence or Semi-Privacy Fence: Which One is Right For You?

Whether you choose a fence that allows you to fully enclose your property or one that gives you a bit more openness, both full-privacy and semi-privacy fences are attractive and sturdy. Both styles of fence provide benefits such as providing a barrier to keep your children and pets safely in your yard, giving your property added security, and boosting your curb appeal. 

To Get the Best Mahopac, NY Privacy Fence, Call Us!

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